iTero Impression Scanner

The iTero Impression Scanner is the more comfortable approach to taking digital impressions of your teeth. It is more accurate, and we no longer need to use the old putty and tray technique to get an exact impression of your smile.

The iTero offers an “impression-free" experience for our patients and we're glad to offer it. No more uncomfortable goopy moulds that slide down your throat and trigger your gag reflex.

Your dentist will be able to get all the information they need with just a simple photograph of your mouth using a special wand.

How it works?

The iTero enables our doctors to take a 3D digital scan of your teeth and bite, make adjustments in real time, and transmit the file wirelessly for processing.

We use the Itero Impression Scanner to create great fitting and natural looking restorations (for crowns, bridges, and veneers) and we also use iTero for our Orthodontic patients who are being treated with Invisalign, or invisible braces.

Benefits of the iTero Impression Scanner

  • Faster than traditionally putty impressions
  • Fewer errors and less repeat appointments
  • Fewer fit issues
  • Great for patients who have a sensitive gag reflex
  • Better patient experience

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